Moving Checks

Moving Checks

As the saying goes, the most important thing about buying a new home is "location, location, location!". These words ring especially true when you are trying to find a friendly neighbourhood to settle down in.

However, your search for the perfect property may not go any further than checking out the local schools, transport links, and the proximity of good local shops and other businesses. People will often choose a home simply because it is within the catchment area of a school with a good reputation, but that may be pretty much all they look at. Let's be honest here, your estate agent isn't likely to offer up any negative information about the local area or raise your awareness about issues such as heavy traffic jams at rush hour or poor rail links. They have a house to sell after all!

Dream House, Nightmare Neighbours?

Even when you are choosing what you may think is going to be your perfect new home, what if you make your move only to discover that you have now got the neighbours from hell? Had you known about them before your move, would you have chosen that house? Maybe not if you were looking for a peaceful and happy family home.

What if you discover that the area you have moved to has a high crime rate? When you are planning to make a long-term move, you want to know that the local area is safe and that you are not going to be putting your property or your family at risk. Lower crime rates also mean cheaper home and car insurance, so it really does pay to do your homework before you decide on an area to move to.

How Link Investigations can help you

Before you make a move that you may live to regret, it is worth asking for our help to check out your chosen neighbourhood. We are able to do the research and background checks that you may not have the spare time to complete or even know where to look to find out revealing information.

We can help to uncover such issues as:

  • The level of noisy/anti-social activity nearby
  • Any crime-related issues that would cause you concern
  • Who lives on either side of the property
  • Anything that would give you second thoughts

Our experienced and knowledgeable investigation team at Link Investigations will help you uncover the truth about your chosen location. We'll apply our extensive experience to your enquiry and may save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Our reports have shown up many unforeseen pitfalls to many a property purchase over the years.

Home truths

Before you make a move you may live to regret, speak to Link Investigations for that all-important Moving Location Check Report.

Call us on 01892 258 258, or you can email us at Alternatively, you can use the Contact Page to send us a message, and we will give your query our full attention.

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