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Probate Genealogists

When it comes to genealogical research, our extensive and professional service is second to none. Genealogists, using specialist research techniques, are on hand to:


  • Family history
  • Family Trees
  • Wills and letters of administration
  • Locate and affirm
  • Birth, Marriage and Death certificates
  • Wills and grants of probate

Track down

  • Next of Kin
  • Beneficiaries and Heirs


  • Probate genealogy for solicitors
  • Intestacy research

Establishing whether or not information is correct and authenticated can be a long and complicated task. Link Investigations have a carefully selected range of resources and the latest research methods at their disposal and will deliver fast and efficient results.

Where necessary, we work in partnership with other specialists, always observing Data Protection obligations and maintaining the highest level of discretion at all times.

If you are an organisation or individual looking for an effective team of genealogists at an agency with a proven track record, speak to a member of Link Investigations today. We're here to help you.

Call us on 01892 258 258, or you can email us at info@linkinvestigations. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Page to send us a message, and it will receive immediate attention.

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