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It can be very easy to lose touch with your family, especially those more distant relatives who you may have only ever seen or heard from on Birthdays and festive occasions. It is quite possible you may have been named in a will but were not able to be traced.

Imagine discovering that a relative had left a small fortune in their estate that was unclaimed. On average, there are around 20,000 unclaimed estates in the UK at any one time, and about 2,000 new ones added each year. The laws of intestacy apply where the deceased did not make a will. This means that the Administration of Estates Act 1925 determines who can inherit. Link Investigations undertake intestacy research on behalf of solicitors when dealing with wills and probate.

Probate Genealogists are here to help people such as family members or solicitors to search for heirs and beneficiaries where an inheritance is due, or can help to get the treasury to pay millions to long-lost beneficiaries from the Bona Vacantia (Vacant Goods list).

Finding Next of Kin

But this is not all that our professional probate genealogical research team get involved with. Our experienced experts also help to confirm that a person's claim is legitimate where an individual is seeking a share of some inheritance, or is trying to track down and confirm a next of kin.

We do this by establishing whether or not the information supplied is correct and authenticated. This can be a detailed and complicated process. Our research can be very involved and some searches can go back many generations with birth and death certificates, marriage certificates and family trees that can be traced all over the world.

Where necessary, we work in partnership with other specialists while conducting our research, always observing Data Protection obligations and maintaining the highest level of discretion at all times.

People-Research Specialists

If you are an organisation or individual looking for an effective team of genealogists at an agency with a proven track record that can deliver a fast and efficient service, speak to a member of Link Investigations today. Our team are second to none and we are here to help you.

Call us on 01892 258 258, or you can email us at info@linkinvestigations. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Page to send us a message. We will respond to your query promptly with the utmost care and sensitivity.

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