Fraud Investigation

It is not just business owners who are becoming paranoid over the rise in the number of fraud cases over the past few years. Private individuals are also being targeted with increasing numbers through the use of clever scams to trick them out of their money.

More people today than ever before face the risk of being scammed out of money or information through use of: Bogus Representatives, Counterfeit Goods, Online Dating Scams, Identity Theft, Fraudulent Bank and PayPal Accounts etc., Fraudulent Investment opportunities.

But how can you better protect yourself from the risks of fraud? Sometimes an opportunity can really be too good to be true, but how do you know a genuine offer from a fake one?

Our investigators can help to prevent fraud from happening in the first instance. We can work with you to evaluate a situation before you financially commit yourself.

Certain types of fraud are hard to spot, but with our years of experience and expertise dealing with the many clever ways criminals use to scam money out of you, our help can be invaluable. We always advise people to take a measure of caution and have an opportunity thoroughly checked out to make sure it is legitimate. We can help you with this. We keep up to date with the latest ways that criminals use to exploit smart technology.

So if you need our specialist Fraud Investigators to pursue any of the following issues:

The detection of false information by Fraud Investigators is fast becoming an industry. If someone offers you a deal that looks too good to be true, the chances are – it is! The modern-day consumer and a surprising number of businesses up and down the country have been falling victim to some of the following, for years:

  • Dubious Money Transfers
  • Marriage Fraud
  • Benefits Fraud
  • Internet scams
  • Or any type of suspicious activity that has you concerned

We can help pursue a criminal investigation by providing supporting evidence, if you choose to seek legal restitution.

Link Investigations have worked with a number of companies, organisations, and private individuals over many years helping them with their fraud issues. We can help you too. We are only a phone call away!

We treat every case seriously and with the utmost confidence.

If you need help, please call us on 01892 258 258, or you can email us at Alternatively, you can use the Contact Page to send us a message, and your query will be met with a swift response.

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