Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance is a necessary safeguard against the misuse of bugging devices. These can be GSM tracking devices, wireless cameras or microphones secreted easily within any environment. People who live or work in a place where privacy might be compromised, have found it necessary to safeguard their premises against the possibility of eavesdropping devices being planted in their homes or places of work.

And with spy electronics becoming increasingly accessible to the public, it’s no wonder that experts are being sought by businesses and individuals to inspect their premises for such devices.

Counter surveillance has been given several names over the years:

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Anti-Surveillance Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
  • Bug Sweeps / Debugging Sweeps

But whatever you call it, what you’re looking for is a team of people who can counter spy electronics with skill, precision and the latest technology.

Stopping the Buggers for 30 years

Stop The Buggers – a sister company of Link Investigations – offer peace of mind by leaving your home or workplace free of any form of bugging device.

For over thirty years, Stop The Buggers have used well trained and fully-equipped operatives. Their mission has been to keep up to date with the ever changing methods used by unscrupulous people wishing to gain access to what they can see or hear. Regular retraining and using the latest means to detect any new eavesdropping device as it comes on the market, keeps operatives ahead of the game.

Their professional approach, wealth of knowledge and experience is what makes Stop The Buggers leaders in their field.

Contact them directly via their website, email or call them today to discuss your needs:

Web Site:


Telephone: 0800 410 1066 or 07733 325 488

Please be aware: the place you contact Stop The Buggers from, or the device you are using, might already have been compromised – so use discretion first.

You can still call us on 01892 258 258, or you can email us at info@linkinvestigations. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Page to send us a message, and it will receive immediate attention.

Counter Surveillance